We are less than five days away and here are some tips to prepare ahead of time for the ride.

Gary Indiana

– bring a bike lock so you can lock your bike during the walking portion of the tour.

– pack walking shoes if you are wearing cleated cycling shoes they can often be hard to walk in. (sandals and open-toed shoes are not allowed on the tours)

– if you don’t have a spare inner tube, I recommend always carrying one on you. If you are unsure what size to purchase stop off at your favorite local bike shop so they can check your tire size and valve type.

– if you haven’t bought a new water bottle in awhile, pick upone of those insulated water bottles or a camelback hydration packs while at the bike shop. I have planned 2-3 shady hydration/rest stops along the way each direction to refill.

– plan what snacks you need to pack for some quick nutrition to enjoy along the way down to Gary Indiana during our 60-mile round trip ride. We will be grabbinglunch around 11:30 at the Lake Effekt 2017 festival where there will be food vendors before we start the walking tours.

– bring cash for lunch or if you prefer you’re always welcome to pack your lunch

– ensure you have plenty of sunscreen, a helmet, and sunglasses.

– make sure you get a good night sleep Friday night and set your alarm clock(s). We are meeting at The Spoke & Bird on Indiana and 18th street in The Prairie District at 8:00 am.

– if you haven’t registered yet, here is the direct link: https://adventurecycling.tours/…/gary-indiana-architecture…/

Looking forward to this next great cycling adventure!

I noticed my tire pressure was low toward the end of the ride. This morning I found a small piece of metal in my tire.

While I was removing the piece of metal, I found lots of glass expected from urban cycling. Below are some steps I use to prevent future flats from the same sneaky glass that can still be hiding in your tires. 

– Before starting to make sure you have safety glasses or old biking glasses to wear for eye protection.

– Deflate your inner tubes and remove your tires.

– Inspect the outside of your tires and look for shards of glass, metal, etc. if you see a something pinch the tires and pry the object out with a pin or something similar. Do not poke the pin through the tire and cause damage to the tire.

– Inspect the inside of the tire, do not rub your fingers inside the tire and feel around for the glass or anything you may cut yourself. (I’ve heard it’s tempting)

– If the rear tire is more worn out than the front tire, you may want to rotate them. Most of the weight on your bike is typically on the rear, so you want the tire with more tread in the rear. Pay close attention if you do rotate the tires and look for tire direction arrows so you reinstall them correctly. Most tires with a tread are directional, and the arrow should point in the direction of the natural tire rotation when the bike is moving forward.


– Please fill your tires to the maximum pressure to minimize pinch flats, tires underinflated are prone to this particular flat.

– Be aware of others around you such as fellow cyclists, runners, joggers (especially wearing earbuds), walkers, tourists, and pets. You may see them, but they may not see or hear you coming.

– If you see a hole, large cracks, glass, or debris on the road, please call it out, so the cyclist behind you is aware.

– Follow at a safe distance. Your front wheel shouldn’t overlap the rear wheel of the person in front of you this creates a potential hazard.

– Use hand signals when stopping or turning.

– Safely cross intersections. If you can’t make the light, we will wait for you on the other side of the intersection.

– Be alert, it’s great to have conversations with people while riding but remember to be aware of your surroundings and potential hazards.