Join me and author Greg Borzo as we tour Chicago’s fabulous fountains throughout our city. Learn the fascinating history and architectural importance of these fountains, often in plain sight but sometimes hidden within the colorful palate of Chicago’s skyscrapers, parks, museums, and neighborhoods. We will pedal to a great number of handpicked favorites of Greg’s from his thoroughly researched book, Chicago’s Fabulous Fountains. Greg will also be providing us with overviews of their history, significance, and of course the stories that surround many of the iconic fountains that we walk and ride past during our daily lives.

Date: Sunday, August 12th, 2018
Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Cost: $35
Departure Location: Chicago History Museum (In front of the fountain at North Ave and Clark St)
Lunch: Spoke & Bird (205 E 18th St)
Total Distance Round Trip: 35 Miles
Average Speed: 10-12 MPH with rest stops planned along the way.
Skill level: Moderate ride / No drop
Gear: Bike, lock, helmet, hydration, snacks and camera

Chicago’s fabulous fountains