Graffiti and Gears Cycling Tour 08/05/2018

Join Adventure Cycling Tours and traverse the city on our bicycles on an art tour to visit many of the city’s Murals, Graffiti Walls, and Street Art. Key points of interests include the Pilsen Mural Wall, Hubbard Street Murals, The 606 Murals, Permission Logan, Vivian Maier Mural, The Mile of
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Cycle to Chicago’s only Castle 7/21/2018

Let’s bike to the neighborhood of Beverly to attend South Side Irish Parade, then tour Chicago’s Only Castle. During this ride, we will have the opportunity to meet Errol Magidson, author of "Chicago’s Only Castle: The History of Givins’ Irish Castle and It’s keepers." We will then cycle through the amazing
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Pothole Art Bike Tour

Pothole Art Bike Tour 07/01/2018

A uniquely Chicago urban treasure hunt - by bike! Jim Bachor’s stunning and sometimes snarky mosaic works are the centerpiece of this casual group ride, tracking down each and every existing pothole Jim has lovingly adorned with unique mosaics since 2013. And, the artist will join us! Meetup is inside the Thorndale
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Chicago Cycling History Tour

The History of Cycling in Chicago Tour 06/16/2018

Join me, The Wheelman, and Chris McAuliffe, author of Cycling in Chicago (Images of America), as we pedal down memory lane to learn about Chicago’s rich cycling history. We'll start our journey at Daley Plaza near where bicycling manufacturing once thrived. We'll discuss a variety of important cycling events that
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Pedal To Pullman Cycling Tour 06/03/2018

Join us for a cycling adventure back in time to the first successful working factory city in the United States founded by railroad car mogul George M. Pullman. Once we arrive, we will visit the Pullman National Monument and the Pullman Visitors Center, participate in an in-depth walking tour of the Pullman Factory
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Randolph Porter Museum, Big Marsh, ACME Plant Cycling Tour 05/6/2018

We will begin our journey from The Prairie Avenue District (The Spoke & Bird) where George Pullman’s massive family residence once stood and then pedal our way to The National A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum located across from The Pullman Wheelworks Factory. The Randolph Pullman Porter Museum contains a
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Steelworkers Pilgrimage Cycling Tour 4/21/2018

Ride with us to explore the Steelworkers life in Southeast Chicago, Indiana. We will explore various sites including The Steelworkers Park, The Ore Walls of the US Steel South Works,  James P. Fitzgibbons Memorial Museum, Marktown’s Historic District walking tour hosted by Marktown's preservationist and resident Paul Myers, plus various additional points
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Bike to Fermilab’s Open House 09/23/2017

Bike to the Fermi Labs Open House (We reserved 15 tickets) ( We will head out early and bike to the Fermilab Open House to enjoy nature and science! Illinois Prairie Path Bison Farm Nature Trains Broken Symmetry Sculpture Wilson Hall Fermilab's Open House
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Graceland Cemetery

Graceland Cemetery Cycling Tour – 10/29/2017

Be a part of history and bike with Adventure Cycling Tours through Graceland Cemetery for a one of a kind tour. For the first time and with special permission we have been granted access to explore the history, architecture, landscaping, nature, and the wildlife that makes up this beautiful 120
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Bike and Canoe to Bahá’í Temple Cycling Tour 09/04/2016

Bike from the Totem Pole on the Lake Front Trail @ Addison St. down Lawrence Ave., then up the North Shore Channel Trail through the Skokie North Shore Sculpture Park. We will continue our Cycling Adventure to the Evanston Community Center. We will then take a guided canoeing trip facilitated
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