– Please fill your tires to the maximum pressure to minimize pinch flats, tires underinflated are prone to this particular flat.

– Be aware of others around you such as fellow cyclists, runners, joggers (especially wearing earbuds), walkers, tourists, and pets. You may see them, but they may not see or hear you coming.

– If you see a hole, large cracks, glass, or debris on the road, please call it out, so the cyclist behind you is aware.

– Follow at a safe distance. Your front wheel shouldn’t overlap the rear wheel of the person in front of you this creates a potential hazard.

– Use hand signals when stopping or turning.

– Safely cross intersections. If you can’t make the light, we will wait for you on the other side of the intersection.

– Be alert, it’s great to have conversations with people while riding but remember to be aware of your surroundings and potential hazards.