Adventure Cycling Tours focus on Chicagoland based day long adventure cycling tours.  Adventures include cycling through historical neighborhoods, searching for urban archeological ruins, street art, and biking to exciting destinations.  Riders should be capable of biking 20+ miles and have mechanically sound bikes to participate in Adventure Cycling Tours. All tour prices include a donation to a cause related to the topic of the tour or to fund an activity at the destination point as outlined in each tour details.

Below is my Strava profile if you would like to connect on Strava.

Tom Limon
Chicago IL United States
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ytd ride totals
Count 197
Distance 2,843 Miles
Elevation Gain 27,310 Feet
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Count 1006
Distance 15,561 Miles
Elevation Gain 102,359 Feet
Cannondale Badboy 13,501 Miles
DIVVY 197 Miles
Two Forty Seven Dirt Jumper 17 Miles
Winter Bike (Modified Gary Fisher Mako) 125 Miles